Barack Obama gets white boy vote.

          artobamasupport2.jpg             I was reading today on CNN that Obama is stealing away the white boy vote from hilary. I’m not suprised by this at all  because Barack Obama is a pimp. White boys have always respected that Billy Dee Williams style. Brothers in suits have been inspiring white boys to dress better in the pages of GQ and Details magazine for quite some time. I myself feel very compelled to vote for Obama  because I like the way he keeps his cooland everybody knows how much harder it can be for us white boys to achieve this. Aside from Steve Mcqueen most of us wouldn’t know what cool was if it wasn’t for Black people. I’m not voting for Obama because he is black or because he’s a man. I’m voting for Obama because he’s cool.                                                                                                                -Melvin Milkerston III esq. 


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