Erica Lord at The Black Front Gallery/Olympia lights a fire under its Ass…

March’s First Friday was a blast here in Olympia, WA. I was so pleasantly surprised by the amount of activity this month. At Black Front Gallery the work that stood out for me the most was a series of photos (polaroids) by Erica Lord. She framed all of the test shots from her Un/Defined Self Portrait Series. After speaking with about which one of her “personalities” she would most likely be friends with, I found that she was much more down to earth than I would have assumed. The work was impressive, and even though I’m sure she gets this all of the time, very Cindy Sherman-esque. Though in many ways goes deeper by exploring racial and or social identity.     Last week (which was a week late for the first Friday events) brought many different outcroppings of artwork. The building next to Jake’s on 4th Ave was occupied for 3 days by several local Evergreen Artists. (The building has apparently had such a hard time being rented out due to the Toxic Black Mold inhabiting it. Yipe!) They rented the space for a few days in order to showcase themselves. It was mostly impressive. All of the work at this site was basically representational, some were very clever and interesting. Kate Clark’s work stuck out for me. She had a small room to herself. A life-size doll sat in the corner made deliciously creepy by the fact that she had a denture mold of Kate’s teeth built into her mouth.    Another building was rented by Evergreen students on the same night. The K records loft was occupied by a more Abstract showing of work, with some representational work. Wish I had paid more attention to names, but I enjoyed the metal chairs, was wishing I could sit in the one that had circular saws for a seat. At first I thought that perhaps the teeth were spread wide enough that I could sit down if they were all positioned just so, but elected not to after feeling it with my hand, good thing I’m so bright. And, the Cedar Room smelled wonderful. So cheers to Olympia for getting some stuff going on this month. Perhaps we’ll see more of this display of motivation by local artists. Who needs a gallery when you can rally all of your friends to come up with a few hundred bucks and show yourself off.     th_nosaws.jpg 


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