Go get hit by The Trucks

     Last night I went to see (or rather stumbled off the diner floor after a long day of serving- into the bar at the reef) The trucks and the Narrows. It was literally and hands down one of the best shows I have ever been to. Partly due to the fact that I was able to be looking each player in the eye, bumping their microphone stand as I girated, and also because of the sheer energy those ladies put into a show. It was ridiculously loud, terribly cramped and I loved every moment of it. So, my recommendation to you would be, go get hit by the trucks, or you run the chance of dying a slightly less happy person. I have to admit that I was less excited by the recorded version of the band (you’re surprised?) as I felt that the drums were significantly toned down as compared to the live version and it just wasn’t as loud. I’m hoping that is due to some fluke with listening to them on myspace and that I will find that owning the CD has a much different outcome. We shall see. The whole experience brought me back to an intense yearning to be involved in music again in one form or another. Whether that be in a band or as a DJ. This we also shall see. Keep your fingers crossed, and then press down firmly on your clit, then rock that va-jayjay til you know you’ve hit it right. trucks2.jpg by Irgis


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