The Umbrella Academy Review

universal0321.jpg                                        The Umbrella Academy is a new comic book series published by Dark horse comics. First let me mention Dark Horse is one of my favorite comic book companies. Located in Oregon they are somewhat of a local landmark. The writer of this 6 part mini series is My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way.  I’ve never heard of MCR before this book came out and frankly I ‘m not a fan , however Gerard is a very capable comic book writer, as well as artist. I have read that he had studied hard to do just that, only to get stuck with some lousy job as a rock star. The art work  by Brazilian artist Gabriel Ba is some of the best ever published by Dark horse. The comic reads like X-Men crossed with Nightmare Before Christmas, with nods to gothic horror, mystery and super heroes.  In my opinion any fan of any of those genres would love these comics. – The Kraken 


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