Review of Warren Ellis’s Black Summer

images.jpeg              blacksummerpromob.jpg     images-1.jpeg                   I really like what Avatar Press is publishing these days, basically taking top notch comics writers and paying them to write what they want. Black Summer is brought to you by the talented duo of  Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp. The basic premise is a band of super heroes is reunited when one of them kills a very George Bush type president. This book has caused some controversy , but most comic fans enjoy that. I like that the anti heroes get their powers from suits that remind me of X-O Manowar . The character design for this comic is off the hook and is very slick and modern. The story is full throttle action, peppered with witty dialog ,and layered with compelling plot that includes super hero colateral damage. This is my favorite title right now, and I can’t wait for the last issue to come out. I don’t want to spoil anything till after it ends, then I will update this review, so check back. – VOE  


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