Locke and Key #1 and #2 by Joe Hill IDW Publishing

            I Just finished Reading Locke and Key #2 written by Joe Hill, with art by Gabriel Rodriguez. If you don’t know, Joe hill is the son of Stephen King . Joe hill is his pen name, I think his first name is joe  however. The one Thing I like most about this book is the quality. I know I should be talking  about the story but I can’ get over how nice their books look. The art is fantastic inside and out. The covers themselves are worth the  $3.99 cover price.  When the father of a family  Rendell Locke is Murdered by psychotic Sam Lesser the Locke Family Moves into the Key House in Love Craft Massachusetts.                                                                                           The Key House is an ancestral family home that is also Haunted, how lucky for us horror fans.  Issue number 1 is a horror fest that tapers off into a nice story telling pace. Issue nummber two continues that pace bringing us deeper into the mysteries of Key house. This is definately the best Horror series in comics right now.                                                                                                                                           -The RED FOX REPORT !                                                                      locke-key-01_final-12.jpg


One response to “Locke and Key #1 and #2 by Joe Hill IDW Publishing

  1. I missed this at my LCS but even so the 3.99 seems steep as I glance through this week’s FX by ICW and passed on it grudgingly even though it was by John Byrne. Was this that much better than that art-wise?

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