Burrito Truck, Anyone?

truck1.jpgtruck3.jpgWho wants to walk down to the burrito truck with me? Here in Olympia it is a phenomenon. There are no decent Mexican Restaurants, solamente this excellent Burrito truck parked off on the side of the road with one broken/sorry looking picnic table. I’d be surprised if anyone were able to name a better burrito or taco though. And I’ve lived in a lot of places, eaten a lot of burritos and tacos. I know they’re full of lard, but even that doesn’t stop this vegetarian from eating there 7 days a week, afterall it’s probably cheaper than buying groceries. Tacos are $1.35 and burritos start at $4.50. They are very good about making their tacos y burritos for those who are “vegan” (just don’t kid yourself about the lard, okay?) and or allergic to dairy, and they have avocado! They’re tacos are authentic, folded in two soft corn tortillas. Delicious! And the salsa they make has a wonderful smokey flavor. So join me at the burrito truck (afterall it is sunny!), once you go truck you’ll never go back.


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