American Idol 3/25 Week of the Powerhouse.

This week on American Idol pretty much everyone had a powerhouse performance. All of the contestants went for the big songs and were using their big voices! It was an exciting show. It was fun to see everyones’ family photos and hear about when they were little. I am a sucker for kid pictures, being a photographer I always love to see people’s family photos.         I mostly missed the performance by Ramiele, but I caught that she was pitchy and that the song choice was kind of weak. Jason picked a song where he could use his guitar skills. I guess it was sloppy (per Simon), but I didn’t notice. The middle chorus was really weak, he was basically singing at the volume of the choir and I was really hoping he would bust it out. In the end he brought his bigger voice out and it really redeemed the performance for me. So I hope to see him around next week.          Syesha really brought the big voice back this week! She was so great in the beginning of the season and then it was like she became so weak and meek and became a totally different person. Well, this performance really reminded me of what I originally thought of Syesha and she is a motha f’in powerhouse.        Chikezie! I like his performance this week, none of the judges seemed to, but I disagree. It was definitely his best ballad. To be a throwback is a compliment these days, it’s in vogue and I think he could really go far with it, he could also go far with the Black boy goes Country thing, so we’ll see. “Every Breath You Take” by the Police is a great song and Brooke did an okay job of it. She didn’t change it up at all, and it felt very safe. I love her voice and she is a pretty lovable girl, so it can be hard to criticize, but she just didn’t bring anything interesting to the song other than her voice.        Michael Johns sang another Queen song which was a great choice for him. His voice was huge! I really felt that he could have left the “We will rock you” part out, because it did nothing for his voice, but the rest was redeeming and you almost forgot how boring and like a football game the beginning was. Once again, Carly rocked it. I love this girl, she can make the most hideous song lovable. She sang “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and it was wonderful. The judges may not have been thrilled, but screw them anyhow, this is our show and our decision! It was so good, and once again, powerhouse vocals.        David Archuleta just likes to reek of cheese at times. It was definitely theme park cheese on toast, and I hate to admit when Simon is right, but he was. We all know the boy can sing, we all know he’ll be back next week, so if you’re a David lover, don’t take it too personally! I know Kristy Lee is going to get a lot of votes for her vomitus song choice “God Bless America” and though she did sing it well, I just think the song is atrocious. I love my country, but that song just makes me cringe, and talk about theme parks! That song brings back memories of laser shows at my local roller coaster theme park. It was always the song of choice for whomever coordinated those damn things.       David Cook’s song was pretty damn cool. “Billie Jean” he did a great arrangement and he is the king of doing well with interesting twists on old favorites. This could be his saving grace and what makes him the favorite of the judges. I am not the hugest fan but I can recognize talent. So props to David. The baby picture was crazy! He did have a huge head, and if you look at it now, you can still see the gigantic dome through his hair. I’m so glad we’ve moved on from the Beatles. This week was great, fantastic and full of virtuoso performances. GO TEAM!! 


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