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COBRALALALALALALALALALALALA!!!!! check out cobra comander !

    Check out this cool interview with Cobra Commander by Leonard Maltin.


Cartoon of the day

images-52.jpegThe Amazing Screw on Head Pilot Episode is our Cartoon of the Day click to check it out. The Sci-Fi Channel made this excellent pilot. The Buzz on the internet , it’s already been cancelled sorry . Go ahead and watch Mike Mignolia’s classic Steam punk comic from Dark Horse come to life. Then go to my other website The Red Fox Report for my upcoming look at the steam punk sub-genre.

Cartoon of the day

This is from Thanks to for the head’s up.

We had fun creating this little strip, so go check it out.


Dynamite Comics’ project Superpowers Review by Jesse Farley


        Meet the Golden Age Superheroes like The Black Terror and The Green Lama in Dynamite comics Project Superpowers by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger. These comics give new Life to these long forgotten about Public Domain Characters. The first thing you will notice is the stunning covers by Alex Ross of Kingdom Come fame. His love of characters like the original Dare Devil and Hydro man is on display as he pays homage to comics glorious past. Issue #0 is the comics deal of the year. You can buy 2 copies at a dollar apiece and they fit together to form a larger picture of all the main characters. There are also variant covers out there by Michael Turner worth chasing. Jim Krueger’s storytelling left me a little confused in issue #0 but I got the basic background of the main character the Fighting Yank, but I don’t quite understand the whole mess with the two ghosts that keep haunting him. I liked the brief appearances of the other characters in the book and it ended on a good note leading up to and setting tone for number one.

        Issue number one features more great art work by Ross. The issue I picked up featured The Black Terror and the Green Lama in Full on fighting mode. Once again there are negative variant ,and Michael Turner variant covers for you to chase on Ebay. This issue introduces us to two new characters The Green Lama and the Black Terror. The Green Lama is best known as the worlds first Buddhist superhero and the Black Terror is an angry butt kicking ghost man with a skull and crossbones logo similar to the punisher. Honestly I can’t wait for the rest of this series and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new series to pick up. You Might also want out check out the Twelve by Marvel comics or Alan Moore’s masterpiece Watchmen, soon to be a major motion picture directed by Zack Snyder.b_terror.jpg

Snake Eyes revealed, wassup my ninja ?

snakeyes (Ray Park)
The first Images of  The Gi Joe movie are starting to surface, check out the new pics of snake eyes being released by Universal studios. First off I’m really excited about this movie. Hell I’m almost excited as I was when I heard about Transformers. This scares me because It’s being handled by those incompetent bastard lame asses that made the Transformers movie. I’m still recovering over the long deep dark depression that one caused. For christ sakes what the hell kinda craptastic suckfest was that? I still have high hopes for the G.I. Joe movie just because I think the pictures of snakeyes look so cool. They seem to be sticking more to the traditional character design. I hope they do the same with other iconic G.I. joe characters such as cobra commander and Destro. I can’t wait to see what storm shadow will look like. I like some of the improvements costume designers have made in hollywood lately, they seem to look more realistic and fantastic at once. Snake Eyes will be played by Ray Park, the guy that played Darth Maul in Star Wars. I personally couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to play a ninja than a Jedi (or whatever Darth Maul is..sith?).               The RED FOX REPORT !

Locke and Key #1 and #2 by Joe Hill IDW Publishing

            I Just finished Reading Locke and Key #2 written by Joe Hill, with art by Gabriel Rodriguez. If you don’t know, Joe hill is the son of Stephen King . Joe hill is his pen name, I think his first name is joe  however. The one Thing I like most about this book is the quality. I know I should be talking  about the story but I can’ get over how nice their books look. The art is fantastic inside and out. The covers themselves are worth the  $3.99 cover price.  When the father of a family  Rendell Locke is Murdered by psychotic Sam Lesser the Locke Family Moves into the Key House in Love Craft Massachusetts.                                                                                           The Key House is an ancestral family home that is also Haunted, how lucky for us horror fans.  Issue number 1 is a horror fest that tapers off into a nice story telling pace. Issue nummber two continues that pace bringing us deeper into the mysteries of Key house. This is definately the best Horror series in comics right now.                                                                                                                                           -The RED FOX REPORT !                                                                      locke-key-01_final-12.jpg

Review of Warren Ellis’s Black Summer

images.jpeg              blacksummerpromob.jpg     images-1.jpeg                   I really like what Avatar Press is publishing these days, basically taking top notch comics writers and paying them to write what they want. Black Summer is brought to you by the talented duo of  Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp. The basic premise is a band of super heroes is reunited when one of them kills a very George Bush type president. This book has caused some controversy , but most comic fans enjoy that. I like that the anti heroes get their powers from suits that remind me of X-O Manowar . The character design for this comic is off the hook and is very slick and modern. The story is full throttle action, peppered with witty dialog ,and layered with compelling plot that includes super hero colateral damage. This is my favorite title right now, and I can’t wait for the last issue to come out. I don’t want to spoil anything till after it ends, then I will update this review, so check back. – VOE