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        Seriously folks if I Ever learn to play a musical insrtrument I’m starting my own Go-Go Band. Check out this Chuck brown and the Soul Searchers video then go make some Go-Go music of your own.     -TRF  


American Idol Results that Kill.

So it’s the results time again and it is so sad to see people go at this point, it’s like saying good-bye to a friend (albeit a new friend that you hardly know). So Chikezie got voted off and I was sad to see him go, he has a lovely voice and I’m sure he will do alright for himself in this biz. I was shocked to see Syesha in the bottom three. As I said in my post yesterday, her performance was amazing and it was like having her old self back. But, atleast she’ll be around to prove herself once again. And Once again, the Q & A portion of the show was horrendous. Poeple get with it, ask an interesting question, please! Kimberly Locke’s performance was outstanding, but did anyone else notice the part in the song where it seemed like it was going to end (and it should have ended) but instead she went back through the chorus one more time. Yick, that just annoyed me.  Continue reading

American Idol 3/25 Week of the Powerhouse.

This week on American Idol pretty much everyone had a powerhouse performance. All of the contestants went for the big songs and were using their big voices! It was an exciting show. It was fun to see everyones’ family photos and hear about when they were little. I am a sucker for kid pictures, being a photographer I always love to see people’s family photos.         I mostly missed the performance by Ramiele, but I caught that she was pitchy and that the song choice was kind of weak. Jason picked a song where he could use his guitar skills. I guess it was sloppy (per Simon), but I didn’t notice. The middle chorus was really weak, he was basically singing at the volume of the choir and I was really hoping he would bust it out. In the end he brought his bigger voice out and it really redeemed the performance for me. So I hope to see him around next week.  Continue reading

New Devotchka!

There is a new Devotchka Album out, so I will be listening and reviewing it. Until then, enjoy this performance of “How It Ends” from Bonnaroo. 

Calm Down.

This song is helping to calm me down after almost experiencing a vicious attack by the pregnant dog living under my house. Picturing a knife is also calming. Enjoy.

Old School Gem by Slick Rick

Check out the amazing story telling skills of Slick Rick A.K.A. Rick the Ruler. Once known as half of the famous rap duo Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh. If you don’t know who they are check out the video for Ladi Dadi on You Tube and sample the human beat boxing skills of Doug E. Fresh.