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Sigri Strand Photography.

Check out my website of photography! Sigri Strand Photography.


Cartoon of the day !

 Hey check out this cool cartoon from Dan Meth then head over to his site because he has plenty more there ,plus art and other cool stuff!      The RED FOX 

New Devotchka!

There is a new Devotchka Album out, so I will be listening and reviewing it. Until then, enjoy this performance of “How It Ends” from Bonnaroo. 

Comic Strip of the day

m5592.gifclick to enlarge

Tony Millionaire is one of my favorite cartoonists working today. He’s been doing this Maakies strip for quite some time now ,I saw this one for sale on the internet. He has a website selling original artwork for about $350 apiece, not a bad price at all. My plan is to buy one a year with my income tax returns.

Tony Millionaire also has a comic book series out from Dark horse called sock monkey and don,t forget billy hazelnuts. A couple months ago I won a Sock monkey lunch box and some Sock Monkey stationary from a dark horse online contest so I just want to say thanks and go buy those too, and check out the MaaKies hardcover collections by Fantagraphics. Buy all things Tony Millionaire and read MAAKIES every week.

Calm Down.

This song is helping to calm me down after almost experiencing a vicious attack by the pregnant dog living under my house. Picturing a knife is also calming. Enjoy.

Olsen Trolls

                                th_trolls1.jpg olsen.jpgIs this why people find them cute? So, when do the Olsen Trolls come out, I bet they would be very collectible. 

Old School Gem by Slick Rick

Check out the amazing story telling skills of Slick Rick A.K.A. Rick the Ruler. Once known as half of the famous rap duo Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh. If you don’t know who they are check out the video for Ladi Dadi on You Tube and sample the human beat boxing skills of Doug E. Fresh.