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Boycott State Farm Insurance!

Bikers stand proud! I am calling for a boycott of State Farm Insurance by all of us who are trying to slow our driving habits and ride our bikes more often. The advertisement they are currently running has a man complaining that due to gas prices he has had to switch from driving to riding his bike and how embarrasing that is. Of course, State Farm claims at the end of the advert that by purchasing your car insurance through them you will save hundreds and will be able to spend those hundreds on gas afterall. Don’t worry about the fact that their is a war for oil going on, or that the planet is warming at an alarming rate. Just try to find some cheap insurance and keep driving your car, you fat ass. (Oh yeah, not to mention the obesity problem this country faces.) So those of us who ride bicycles need to band together, spread the word and do our best to boycott those creeps. Let’s all try to use our bikes more often, now that the weather is getting nicer you have less of an excuse. For more info on bikes and bike culture check out Time’s Up. So, are ya with me? 


Happy Anniversary.

             It’s rather stunning that we couldn’t find a good video of one of today’s protests online. So we have opted for a couple of static images instead. If you happen to frequent these gatherings, start taking video with your iphone or your cell or something. We need more documentation and more proof that there is a strong opposition to the War in Iraq. 


             Props goes out to those who made it out, who showed their presence and opposition. So what color goes with the 5th Anniversary? Blood red? images-12.jpeg          images-131.jpeg



Winter Soldiers

It seems hard to ignore the Winter Soldier forum. One would have to be quite out of touch to not feel compelled to write about the emotional and heart-wrenching testimonies that these men and women have given. Some things described have brought tears, expectedly, but some have made me queasy too. And I simply cannot fathom what it must be like to know that you have been involved and will carry those memories with you for the rest of your life. And by “involved” I realize that many of these people were coerced, unwillingly.  So, my heart goes out to you.