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        Seriously folks if I Ever learn to play a musical insrtrument I’m starting my own Go-Go Band. Check out this Chuck brown and the Soul Searchers video then go make some Go-Go music of your own.     -TRF  


Calm Down.

This song is helping to calm me down after almost experiencing a vicious attack by the pregnant dog living under my house. Picturing a knife is also calming. Enjoy.

Old School Gem by Slick Rick

Check out the amazing story telling skills of Slick Rick A.K.A. Rick the Ruler. Once known as half of the famous rap duo Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh. If you don’t know who they are check out the video for Ladi Dadi on You Tube and sample the human beat boxing skills of Doug E. Fresh.

Dynamite Comics’ project Superpowers Review by Jesse Farley


        Meet the Golden Age Superheroes like The Black Terror and The Green Lama in Dynamite comics Project Superpowers by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger. These comics give new Life to these long forgotten about Public Domain Characters. The first thing you will notice is the stunning covers by Alex Ross of Kingdom Come fame. His love of characters like the original Dare Devil and Hydro man is on display as he pays homage to comics glorious past. Issue #0 is the comics deal of the year. You can buy 2 copies at a dollar apiece and they fit together to form a larger picture of all the main characters. There are also variant covers out there by Michael Turner worth chasing. Jim Krueger’s storytelling left me a little confused in issue #0 but I got the basic background of the main character the Fighting Yank, but I don’t quite understand the whole mess with the two ghosts that keep haunting him. I liked the brief appearances of the other characters in the book and it ended on a good note leading up to and setting tone for number one.

        Issue number one features more great art work by Ross. The issue I picked up featured The Black Terror and the Green Lama in Full on fighting mode. Once again there are negative variant ,and Michael Turner variant covers for you to chase on Ebay. This issue introduces us to two new characters The Green Lama and the Black Terror. The Green Lama is best known as the worlds first Buddhist superhero and the Black Terror is an angry butt kicking ghost man with a skull and crossbones logo similar to the punisher. Honestly I can’t wait for the rest of this series and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new series to pick up. You Might also want out check out the Twelve by Marvel comics or Alan Moore’s masterpiece Watchmen, soon to be a major motion picture directed by Zack Snyder.b_terror.jpg

Snake Eyes revealed, wassup my ninja ?

snakeyes (Ray Park)
The first Images of  The Gi Joe movie are starting to surface, check out the new pics of snake eyes being released by Universal studios. First off I’m really excited about this movie. Hell I’m almost excited as I was when I heard about Transformers. This scares me because It’s being handled by those incompetent bastard lame asses that made the Transformers movie. I’m still recovering over the long deep dark depression that one caused. For christ sakes what the hell kinda craptastic suckfest was that? I still have high hopes for the G.I. Joe movie just because I think the pictures of snakeyes look so cool. They seem to be sticking more to the traditional character design. I hope they do the same with other iconic G.I. joe characters such as cobra commander and Destro. I can’t wait to see what storm shadow will look like. I like some of the improvements costume designers have made in hollywood lately, they seem to look more realistic and fantastic at once. Snake Eyes will be played by Ray Park, the guy that played Darth Maul in Star Wars. I personally couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to play a ninja than a Jedi (or whatever Darth Maul is..sith?).               The RED FOX REPORT !

Best Drum Solo Ever!

Burrito Truck, Anyone?

truck1.jpgtruck3.jpgWho wants to walk down to the burrito truck with me? Here in Olympia it is a phenomenon. There are no decent Mexican Restaurants, solamente this excellent Burrito truck parked off on the side of the road with one broken/sorry looking picnic table. I’d be surprised if anyone were able to name a better burrito or taco though. And I’ve lived in a lot of places, eaten a lot of burritos and tacos. I know they’re full of lard, but even that doesn’t stop this vegetarian from eating there 7 days a week, afterall it’s probably cheaper than buying groceries. Tacos are $1.35 and burritos start at $4.50. They are very good about making their tacos y burritos for those who are “vegan” (just don’t kid yourself about the lard, okay?) and or allergic to dairy, and they have avocado! They’re tacos are authentic, folded in two soft corn tortillas. Delicious! And the salsa they make has a wonderful smokey flavor. So join me at the burrito truck (afterall it is sunny!), once you go truck you’ll never go back.