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American Idol Results that Kill.

So it’s the results time again and it is so sad to see people go at this point, it’s like saying good-bye to a friend (albeit a new friend that you hardly know). So Chikezie got voted off and I was sad to see him go, he has a lovely voice and I’m sure he will do alright for himself in this biz. I was shocked to see Syesha in the bottom three. As I said in my post yesterday, her performance was amazing and it was like having her old self back. But, atleast she’ll be around to prove herself once again. And Once again, the Q & A portion of the show was horrendous. Poeple get with it, ask an interesting question, please! Kimberly Locke’s performance was outstanding, but did anyone else notice the part in the song where it seemed like it was going to end (and it should have ended) but instead she went back through the chorus one more time. Yick, that just annoyed me.  Continue reading


American Idol 3/25 Week of the Powerhouse.

This week on American Idol pretty much everyone had a powerhouse performance. All of the contestants went for the big songs and were using their big voices! It was an exciting show. It was fun to see everyones’ family photos and hear about when they were little. I am a sucker for kid pictures, being a photographer I always love to see people’s family photos.         I mostly missed the performance by Ramiele, but I caught that she was pitchy and that the song choice was kind of weak. Jason picked a song where he could use his guitar skills. I guess it was sloppy (per Simon), but I didn’t notice. The middle chorus was really weak, he was basically singing at the volume of the choir and I was really hoping he would bust it out. In the end he brought his bigger voice out and it really redeemed the performance for me. So I hope to see him around next week.  Continue reading

American Commercial.

Man, the opening song always kills me, when they have to prance around and try to fit their voices together. It’s like a horrible high school musical. They can’t harmonize (what is up with that?!). And Simon always uses the “it sounds like a bad high school musical” line as a diss so it’s strange to me that they start the shows out like this, but I guess it’s not his show (as much as he would like to think it is). First of all, America, you got it dead wrong by putting Carly Smithson in the bottom three. But as you would know if you read my post last night, that was my favorite performance, so I guess I’m biased. But it would be hard to deny that woman’s talent. And to keep Ramiele in the top ten, above Miss Carly, that just goes to show that it is a popularity contest and based on cutsie looks. I was feeling for Michael Johns, when Ryan asked if he thought it was a good song choice (“A Day in the Life”) he replied, “Absolutely” and I really felt for him. He had mentioned that he sang the song as a dedication to a friend that had passed and you could see that it was sincere. Something about tonight’s show felt a little bit too much like an extended commercial. First the huge bit with the Ford Car commercial, then the whole answering peoples terrible questions on air. Come on people, come up with some better questions, atleast ones that will require more than a one word response. Though the Africa bit was commercial-ish I still found it to be heart warming and I even teared up a bit. Good job, you suceded with the tear-jerking.  Agh and then there was the whole Kelly Pickler mess. That girl is dumber than a stinkin’ door knob, seriously! Did anyone see her on “Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” She actually thought that Europe was a country!!!! Someone that dumb should not be allowed such great success, not to mention I just wasn’t a fan of her singing. And lastly, I’m just really sad to see Amanda Overmyer go. She made it further than I thought she would. Though I felt it wasn’t her worst song choice I wasn’t too surprised.  You had a good run lady, and I would definitely buy a ticket to one of your shows. I disagree with anyone who thinks she was being pompous by saying anything about playing shows because we all know that she will be selling them out for atleast the next year. Girl, you are a beautiful powerhouse and are much appreciated by this one.  Til next week, I’ll be dreaming of Idols in Ford Cars being asked annoying questions via satellite during an alien invasion.   

Ain’t No Shame…

I will be reviewing the American Idol show that just aired so if you are too much of a hipster to admit that this show is worth watching, scroll down and ignore that it was ever posted. Moving on, if I don’t write about a contestant it’s because I found their performance boring and not worth mentioning.The crew was forced through another week of Beatles songs which I think was a terrible idea. Not that there aren’t enough Beatles songs to choose from, it just seemed to get a bit surreal and funky, and last weeks performances were all basically off the hook. Where as most of this weeks’ were horrible.So, I wish we would have been able to move on.Amanda Overmyer is surprisingly still on the show, I say surprisingly because I think she is so radically different from what you would think the American public could handle and would be generous enough to keep around. But, she is a powerhouse and she does belt that shit out. She sang “Back in the U.S.S.R” tonight and it was pretty dang good, pretty dang good. Carly Smithson, F is for Fuckin’ Fantastic. She sang “Blackbird” and for some reason Simon dissed the song choice. It was great and he just can’t handle it, he wasn’t able to critisize her because she wasn’t wearing black… so he had to diss the song choice. Whereas, Brooke was wearing yellow and singing “Here Comes the Sun” and had a yellow background so of course that was easy to pick apart. She sang it really well, but was awkward as hell in her movements. Girl need to learn some riddim. David Archuleta looks like he has Cottonmouth ALL of the time.  Jason Castro can do no wrong. He has pretty eyes, but he should have sang “Norwegian Wood” instead of “Michelle” which just came across a little cheesy, especially when he got all flitty singing the French part.David Cook is starting to get cocky. Michael Johns took a complex song and made it uncomfortable, he sang “A Day in the Life” and while the hook came across beautifully the rest got jumbled together in a strange way.Chikezie’s got the Black man goes country thing dialed. I like what he’s been up to even if the judges didn’t. Good stuff, Maynard.Syesha sang one of her best performances, “Yesterday,” though she did have one screechy banshee moment, we can forgive her.And I’m sorry Ramiele, but you were incredibly boring again this week and I’ll be surprised if you make it back again for another round and if you do, it’s because your a cute little gnome and America pities you.Same goes for Kristy Lee Cook. So I guess I was able to mention everyone afterall. Oh, and wasn’t it hilarious when Kristy Lee Cook said that she could Blow Simon out of his socks, and didn’t he know it! And everyone was having a dirty thought and couldn’t stop laughing. Good stuff, man.